CHI 2012 Airport!

Posted on May 9, 2012

My first blog post will be discussing an interesting interactivity that I saw on my way to CHI2012 conference in Austin Texas. I took some really awful pictures of it, and I will have to learn to take better pictures as I go with this blog. I just found it interesting because it’s a projection of an umbrella, but if you interrupt the sensor as you walk by or play with it the umbrella becomes many tiny umbrellas and they in a sense run away from you.

Yeah, horrible pictures. I’ll work on that. At any rate, it’s a really great advertisement in that it’s fun and makes people smile as they walk by. But also horrible because I don’t remember who the advertisement was for. Not that you can read it in my pictures. But it’s a great idea for getting people to notice your ad when they’re in a hurry and not really paying attention to the ads on the walls.

Pretty awesome.

Until next time!