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Who am I ?

I work in Data Science, Applied Machine Learning, or Quantitative User Experience Research. I have years of experience in statistical analysis and this has helped me a great deal when working with machine learning algorithms. I would love to continue working with smart homes, tablets, wearable, or mobile devices, however I have found that so long as the questions being asked and the data being analyzed are interesting, nothing else matters.

I’m currently looking for work in data science after two years as a Data Analyst. As a data analyst I learned quite a lot about data wrangling and engineering. I also worked on a clustering algorithm to detect patterns in cloud instance metrics. Before this last position, I freelanced for a variety of companies building smart homes and creating visualizations for statistical analyses.

During my masters program I was the Post Doc for a Solar Smart Home project. I also completed a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the same university. I specialize in behavioral psychology, quantitative psychology, and human computer interaction. During my PhD, I worked with an IGERT team on assistive smart technology helping them to quantify the needs of their residents and the caregivers involved. It was such an exciting job! I love working between departments whenever I'm given the chance.

Please enjoy the rest of my website and the projects that I’ve been working on. I hope that this site can give you an idea of who I am and what I love to do.

Please see my resume for more information!


Managing Projects

InfoSec Unlocked

InfoSec Unlocked was started by myself and Tarah Wheeler after attending a DEFCON where very few diverse voices were speakers. I am currently Executive Director of the non-profit and manage 6-8 volunteers for quarterly events and a yearly DEFCON party. Read more...

Post Doc for Solar Decathlon

The WSU Solar Decathlon project has a smart home component. While, Matthew Taylor is the PI on the smart home project, I have been the post doc, making critical decisions about hardware, coding languages, interfaces, etc and managing two undergrads and two grad students. Read more...

Totally Serious Games

Totally Serious Games was started by myself and two of my female friends from the computer science department at Washington State University. I manage the projects for new games, making sure that we have weekly meetings and that everyone has a part of the code to work on. Read more...


CASAS Smart Home Data Visualization

The CASAS smart home creates assistive technology to help older adults, especially those with mild cognitive impairment, to stay in their homes for longer. The CASAS group needed assistance creating a user interface that could meet the needs of caregivers. I created a structured interview to talk with caregivers and create the best tool possible.

Graph Visualizations - Dissertation

The user interface for the CASAS smart home also requires the display of data over large periods of time. This study assessed how to best display sleep data over three months for fast and accurate retreival of data.

Solar Decathlon Smart Home Project

Moving from an assistive smart home to a solar powered one. This project monitors energy from the solar cells, the battery, and at the outlets. It then takes into account behavioral patterns of the user using activity tracking and various environmental factors for better comfort and efficiency.

Reinforcement Learning on Smart Home Notification Systems

The Solar Smart Home will create a large number of notifications. Users attention and working memory may be burdened by such a large amount of notifications. This study will attempt to create a notification system that will modify itself through reinforcement learning algorithms to learn the needs of each individual user and adapt itself over time as their needs change.

Leah Zulas, PhD