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InfoSec Unlocked - Diversity in InfoSec

InfoSec Unlocked - Diversity in InfoSec

“Opening Doors for Diverse Voices in Security”

InfoSec Unlocked connects its members to a fantastic network of groups dedicated to diversity within the many computer security conferences. We help conference organizers learn more about diversity and inclusion and how to make their conference more inviting. We help new hackers and security professionals looking to speak at conferences to get you started with a variety of resources.

As the executive director, I make sure that all of our volunteers feel like they have a reason to be a part of InfoSec Unlocked. I make all of our DEFCON events happen each year. I organize all of the YouTube Live panel conversations. Lastly, I make sure that those needing help with paper reviews are connected with senior people in Information Security, which includes vetting new reviewers and making sure that we pair them properly depending on their strengths.

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Leah Zulas, PhD